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The Santa Clara County Arts Education Initiative

Mission: Artspiration is committed to shared leadership in advocating, empowering, and supporting sustainable arts education to develop the creative capacity of each student and educator in Santa Clara County public schools.

Partnering with public schools, arts organizations, and the greater community to foster equitable and transformative education through the Arts.

Some of the entries are for informational purposes only. The views expressed herein are those of the presenter/partner; they do not necessarily reflect the views of the SCCOE. Any questions/comments related to the content should be directed to the original source. ​

                                                               Upcoming Events  

Each month we send out an Artspiration Outreach E-Blast.
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The Arts, Anti-Racism, and Climate Change Virtual Webinar
Join us in our virtual webinar on March 18th from 3:00 - 4:15 pm.
This is a collaboration among six counties in the Bay Area, offering creative and
critical strategies using the arts to support teaching and learning.


Resolution Recognizing Youth Art Month 2021
Theme: Art Connects Us


021721 Youth Art Resolution.pdf

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                                                                                     CCSESA Arts Education Framework Survey

We are trying to gather information from educators statewide to help us re-envision a state Arts Education Framework rollout. Please send the following information and request to educators and administrators in your county. We are hoping that you, as an administrator, will also click on the link below and take the short survey. We intend to use this data to inform our planning for next steps with our state Arts Education Framework.

Here is the survey link for educators:
Here is the survey link for administrators:

Student Voice Campaign 2021.PNG

                                                                                     CONTEST THEME 2021: THIS IS MY TIME 
      Growing Up Asian In America (GUAA) art, essay and video contest is for K-12th graders. GUAA gives a unique platform for young people to creatively explore and celebrate their cultural identity through the lens of civic engagement. The contest website can be found here:

The theme for 2021 is: This is For more information, use the link to see the flyer:

                                  Arts Are Education Campaign.PNG

                              For more information please click here or use the following link:


                                           NAEA Scholarship.PNG

                                                                    APPLY FOR AN ED&I SCHOLARSHIP

          The NAEA ED&I Commission is initiating a pilot scholarship opportunity that is designed to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in the
          field of visual arts and design education and remove barriers to access for underserved and underrepresented individuals. This pilot will
          support ED&I-focused visual arts educators, with a priority focus on first-time attendees of the NAEA National Convention and Preservice
          visual arts and design students.

          The scholarship award will cover the registration fee for the [VIRTUAL] 2021 NAEA National Convention and one year of membership to
          NAEA (not to be combined with state association membership). To apply, use this link:


                                                           PERFORMING ARTS AEROSOL STUDY REPORT 3

            These results are preliminary and will be further defined as the study continues. These preliminary results are to assist in the safer
            return to performing arts activities. This study focuses strictly on the distribution of respiratory aerosol that is generated while playing 
            wind instruments, singing, acting, speaking, dancing, and in a simulated aerobic activity, which may potentially contain virus. This 
            study is based on previous research that shows the virus which causes COVID-19 can travel in respiratory aerosol. This study then
            was designed to identify performing arts activities that generate respiratory aerosol including volume, direction, density, and mitigation
            strategies. Aerosol is defined as solid or liquid particles suspended in a gas. For more information, please click here, or use this link.


Student Voice Campaign 2021.PNG

Love, Move, Play: Dance in Early Childhood

             Luna Dance is offering a new virtual Dance in ECE course starting in February. Explore the essential nature of dance and movement for
             young children. Teachers, teaching artists and ECE educators are invited to participate. 

For more information, visit

Student Voice Campaign 2021.PNG

             Student Voices Campaign is an annual statewide creative arts challenge for students (grades 7-12) to make their voices heard!
          Advocate for the education you want to see in your schools! Outstanding art pieces will be selected and recognized in Spring 2021.

For more information, visit



Can band and choir rehearsals be conducted in person if students meet outdoors, wear masks, and remain socially distant while playing or singing?


Response: At the present time, the guidance remains accurate and reflects the best science that we have available.  



      • Do not allow electives and extracurricular activities in which physical distancing (at least six feet) and face covering
        use cannot be maintained at all times.
      • Do not allow aerosol generating activities, including in-person choir, band, and vocal cheerleading activities
        (cheers and chants)due to increased risk of disease transmission 

        As there is not sufficient science around aerosol-generation of band and choral activities, both indoor and outdoor
        activities are prohibited at this time. We will continue to review additional science related to this topic and adjust
        the guidance as appropriate. 

        In-person choir, band, and vocal cheerleading activities must be modified to eliminate in-person singing, playing of
        wind instruments, cheering and chanting. We encourage schools to consider arts activities such as choir and band
        rehearsal usingZoom or other distance learning platforms that allows students to participate in separate spaces
        employing a flipped modelwhere practice is done at home or using distance-learning technology and in-person class
        time is used for non-aerosol generating arts activities (such as rhythm study, music theory, music history, composition,
        analysis, and more) may be done in person in classroom settings that comply with the guidance on classroom settings.  

Counties on the Move: Arts Education for All Students

CCSESA Counties on the Move.JPG

The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Statewide Arts Initiative believes that the visual and performing arts are an integral part of a comprehensive curriculum and are essential for learning in the 21st century. All California students - from every culture, geographic region and socio-economic level—deserve quality arts learning in dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts as part of the core curriculum. Every student needs and deserves a high-quality education in the visual and performing arts. This publication is a celebration of progress in improving and increasing arts education throughout California through the 58 county offices of education. It is intended to provide a glimpse of the excellent work being done on behalf of students in California’s public schools. The document also serves another purpose. Along with snapshots of how county offices are supporting arts education, the information reveals the statewide arts education network and supporting infrastructure needed to provide leadership training, program planning, curriculum, professional development, and resources in arts education. Written in their own words, these short descriptions reveal different approaches in reaching our diverse student populations in California. For more information please click here or use the following link

NAfme Logo.JPG

CDE 2020-21 Guidance for Arts Education

Please see the CA Department of Education Arts Education Guidance 2020-21 document for information and resources to determine how to safely provide arts education in alignment with the California Education Code. For access to the document, please click here or use the following link:

Arts Distance Learning & Updates  


Dance Counts 2020.PNG

   Please click in the image above or use the link below for the free printable e-book on infection control and musical instruments from Eastman Music Company. Link:

Dance Counts 2020.PNG

   NAEA will update this document regularly and it will be added alongside the existing "Tips for Returning to the Visual Arts and
   Design Classroom", "Tips for Teaching Visual Arts and Design in a Distance-Learning Environment", and "Tips for Higher-Ed and
   Preservice Members" to NAEA's 
Remote Learning Toolkit. For more information please click the icon above or use this linl
    to see the flyer:

Remote Learning Toolkit.JPG
National Art Education Association (NAEA)

Representative from every NAEA division and membership at large have collected, curated, and shared strategies, approaches, lessons, units and and tools to support you as we are face with the challenges of and opportunities for distance learning and preparing for the 2020-21 school year.

NAEA Remote Learning Toolkit

                                                                Tips to Returning to Visual Arts and Design Classroom

Educational Theatre Association.JPG


EdTA has reviewed multiple guides, studies, and expert resources and synthesized them into a series of suggestions for the reopening of theatre classrooms and facilities. This document offers recommendations for how theatre educators can continue to provide meaningful theatre 
education experiences for their students in the COVID-19 era, as well as programmatic guidance for state, district, and school decision makers 
who are tasked with deciding how education will be delivered to students in the 2020-21 school year and beyond. It represents the best guidance available at the time of writing.

                                            Recommendations for Reopening School Theatre Programs :

Educational Theatre Association.JPG


The Nationial Dance Education Organization (NDEO) provides opportunities for professional development trainings, networking forum, resources, and tools for educators and administrators in the Art discipline of Dance. As we navigate through this time of COVID-19 and the social justice movments, NDEO offers various webinars, reading materials, and virtual meetings to support and respond during these challenging times. For more information, please use the link. COVID-19 Online Offerings :


CDE Distance Learning Guidelines: Effective Strategies and Opportunities to Access Federal Relief Funding: Custom Face Masks for Brass and Woodwind Players:



                 The following message is from CreateCA, for more information please click the hashtag image above or
                 use the hyperlink below.

                 Art gives all of us the power to make meaning. Through stories, we understand how small details come to 
                 represent big ideas. This week, as part of Create at Home, we’re giving you the tools to make sense of your 
                 world with art.

  • By Gary Waddell, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Educational Progress and Public Affairs 
  • for the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

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