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Nov 21
California Arts Education Data Project - One Month Later

On October20th, 2016, the California Arts Education Data Project was launched.  The Arts Education Data Project shows how many students have access to the arts and how many students are participating in the arts in grades 6-12.  The data spans from 2013 – 2015.  Santa Clara County is above the state average with 44% of our students enrolled in at least one Arts course.  The data reflects enrollment in the areas of dance, music, visual art, theater, and arts media and entertainment (AME). 

The website has many great tools. The Interactive Dashboard lets you hone in on your county, district, and even site level data.  The Executive Summary gives a concise overview of the data including a look at access for Title I students versus non-Title I students.  There are many Resources on the front page as well.  These resources include FAQs, Roadmap for Districts, and Talking Points.  Lastly, the data is represented visually with a Map and graphics for those who are visual learners. 

You can access the website at this address:

The County Office of Education is here to help look at the data, how to use it to measure your arts plans, and create ways to support the arts in your school.  We are also available to present the Arts Education Data to your school board, district leaders, PTA, and other stakeholders.  Please contact us if you want more information.  

Arts Education Project Press Release:


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