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Jan 05
January 5, 2016

​Happy New Year!

On behalf of the Artspiration Team, we would like to wish you the best during this new year. 

As it is with fresh starts, beginnings and resolve,  may I encourage you to view the National Core Arts Standards, if you haven't already perused/used them, and note the four artistic processes. The Standards were introduced last June after a 2-year creation process and are Common Core-aligned, with the intent to have students artistically literate by the time they graduate from high school. 

Where do you see alignments in your program?  What can you introduce students to right away - can you use the standards language, especially the anchor standards under each process.  Challenge your students to respond. 

For your New Year's arts resolution - consider bookmarking the NCAS page and create your own online custom handbook!  You can select the grade level, discipline and other features to fit your class/program.

ncas.png "May the Creative Force Be with You" this school year!


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